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shop news // red, white & cute pattern set

Red, White & Cute embroidery pattern

I've got a new old embroidery pattern in my shop! What I mean is, I took my old set called The 4th! and updated it to make a new pattern. It's filled with designs to celebrate the USA and stitching it might make you feel more patriotic than usual. Or at least a little nostalgic?

Allow me to share a little fact about me and patriotism. I don't often think of myself as patriotic. (Which might sound odd given the club I ran for a year!) I've got my reasons, and really, they aren't so important here. But there a few things that make me very excited to be part of America.

First, a road trip gets me excited because seeing the country and people's lives intrigues me. Similarly, anything having to do with the 50 states puts me in a "this land is my land" sort of mood. But there's one thing that always, always brings out my patriotic side:

Disney World.

Specifically, Hall of Presidents and The American Adventure in Epcot. These two spots are easily seen as good napping spots, but I always walk out the doors feeling a new sense of pride in my country. I think because when you see all the horrible things our country has gone through (even when we're the cause) in history, but how we band together after? Well, it's inspiring. It makes me think that there's still hope that the hurts we deal with now can be healed.

So anyway, I'm good with a little red, white, and blue. And that's why I thought it was time to make my old pattern new again. Here's a peek at the designs:

Red, White & Cute embroidery pattern

A few of the old patterns are gone, the six that remain got a tiny facelift, and there are seven new designs. And of course, it's got a new name, which is based on a sign I saw at Hobby Lobby. Red, White & Cute!

Red, White & Cute embroidery pattern
Red, White & Cute embroidery pattern

The color palette is definitely patriotic, but a little altered, which I love.

And yes, it's a little close to the 4th of July, but these are easy patterns, so you'd still have time to whip something up. Plus, there is the election season. Though I'm not sure we want to taint any of these designs with that, yes?


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