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3 things i do to combat distraction

Don't be Distracted

You guys. I've been having a hard time focusing lately, and that's a problem. I know all the things I'm supposed to get done, but it's easy for me to avoid them as I let myself wander and move on to less important things.

This leads to me not accomplishing enough in a day, which leads to other things, which I'll share soon.

But the point of this is that when I really need to just buckle down, there are a few things I do to minimize the distraction.

1. Get the distractions out of the way. I confess, there are some apps that get me in a loop. Instagram, a game, Twitter, another game, email, a game, and back to Instagram again to start all over.

When it's time to focus, I allow myself to check what I need to check, play a game, then I put it away. But having one more look has me thinking about it less when I'm working.

2. Hide from the distractions. I used to turn off my wi-fi, which kept me away from internet that grabs my attention. But so much of my work happens online now, so I have to be connected. Instead, this means putting the phone or iPad away (ideally out of sight) and closing the extra tabs.

I love working in the middle of the action in my house, but when I'm feeling especially distractible, this becomes a problem. It's time to find a quiet spot.

3. Tell yourself "don't be distracted." This has mixed results, but when I remind myself, I'm more likely to get back to what I'm supposed to be doing. It also helps to know that when I finish the work, or at least a chunk of the work, I can enjoy a distraction or two.

If all else fails, give in. Get up, pour yourself some coffee, go for a walk, play on your phone. And then get back to it later. Life is short!

And if you're looking to embroider the reminder above (it hangs over my desk!), you can find the pattern right here.


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