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a trip to the sewing studio in florida

A Trip to The Sewing Studio

There's a chance that I might have a fabric addiction. But as I recently saw on an awesome t-shirt, I might be a fabric addict, but I can quilt whenever I want. Anyway, my love of this delightful supply recently led me to The Sewing Studio.

When planning the family road trip to Disney World, I may have looked up a few quilt shops along the way. I just wanted to be prepared in case we had a few minutes to spare. We got all the way to Florida without stopping (even though I saw a billboard for a fabric outlet, which I'm choosing to believe was not going to have what I would be looking for).

Once in the Orlando area, I did an intensive search. The shop near my relatives in FL wasn't open on the day I was free. And a few others didn't appear promising from their websites. But I thought that the one about an hour north of where we were staying looked good. My aunt confirmed that I should check it out.

After five days of Walt Disney World parks, we began heading north for home and routing ourselves past The Sewing Studio. From the outside, it looks like many older buildings in Florida, but the inside holds many treasures.

A Trip to The Sewing Studio

Walking in the front door, I was greeted by samples made with fabrics I love and in patterns I've been admiring. Then a moment later, a very helpful employee welcomed me (and my parents and sister, who were excited to check out the store as well). She must have noted the mildly overwhelmed look on my face, because she offered to give me a tour. Of course, I accepted!

What you see in this photo is just a piece of this store. The room in the photo is nearly double what you see, and there's more than one room. Our tour took us past the sewing machine section, through a variety of quilting fabrics and an enormous selection of buttons.

A Trip to The Sewing Studio

Again, this shows maybe a third of the buttons. And we were still only in that first room!

We continued into the next room, holding more quilting cottons, gorgeous linen, denims, apparel fabrics, and a HUGE section of bridal fabrics. A smaller room contained some trims and rolls of heavier fabrics, as well as a peek into the workshop where someone seemed to be handling sewing machine repairs.

At last, we reached the Bargain Annex (which connects to their classroom).

A Trip to The Sewing Studio

I liked this room from the time I heard the name of it. But I formed a true attachment when they told me everything in here was 50% off. I immediately found some Christmas fabrics from Cotton + Steel, plus a few others.

By the way, each room had a cutting counter, and one room had two. The woman working in the Bargain Annex let me know that their regular Cotton + Steel was 20% off, so I knew where I would be visiting next.

A Trip to The Sewing Studio

If I told you that I headed straight to these shelves of C+S fabrics, I'd be lying. But I did get there and was pleased with their selection. They had some from the latest collections, plus some older collections, and a few basics too. I tried to limit myself, but only because of the goodness I had found before I actually reached this area.

A Trip to The Sewing Studio

The Bargain Annex isn't the only place where they have 50% off fabric! This bin held Allison Glass, lots of Moda, Tula Pink, and some delicious scented strawberry fabric.

I went a little crazy, and as you can see from the beginning of this post, I had a lot of fabric cut. Since I was on vacation, I'm calling this a souvenir trip.

But even with my stacks of fabric to cut and pages of cuttings to ring up, everyone was so kind and helpful. I'm not sure if I was more impressed with the selection, prices, or service! Even better, when I managed to leave a piece of fabric behind, they mailed it to me super fast.

If you are ever in the Orlando area, it's worth the trip to visit The Sewing Studio. And even if you don't have plans to visit, almost all of their fabrics are online, and they are continuing to add more.

I can't say enough nice things about these folks. The next time I'm in Florida, I know I'll be back!

Oh, and mega thanks to my family for waiting patiently as I enjoyed the last bit of vacation surrounded by fabric!


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    First of May I'm moving within a few minutes of there! I'm adding it to my "to do" list immediately :)

  2. Gah! I had no idea you stayed outside of Orlando. If you were staying 1 hour south of Disney, you were in my neck of the woods :) Isn't the Sewing Studio the greatest?! It's my go-to store even though it's an hour drive away. The real treat is if you're here on New Year's Day or July 4th because they put their entire store 40% off - even on tht things already in the bargain annex and bin. It's amazing. I save up and then go crazy twice a year, lol. This is also the best (or kind of the only) place to go in Central Florida if you need high quality silks, lace, wool, etc. If you're making a wedding dress, this is where you go. I'm so glad you liked the store and gave them a plug. We need to keep places like this going!

  3. Did I read "strawberry scented"? I would love some of that...Reminds me of the strawberry scented Japanese pencils that we used to collect long ago.

  4. Mollie, thanks so much for writing such a sweet post about our store! I am the office manager there and I have been following your blog for some time now. I wish I had known you were visiting, I would have come out to say hi!

  5. I grew up in Orlando and bought my first serger at the Sewing Studio. Love that store so much. Nowadays I live in Clearwater, but I still occasionally drive up there to SS when I need something sewing related. It's worth the drive. :)

  6. We often vacation with our adult kids, they all enjoy vacation activities, water parks, zip lines, white water rafting. While they do their thing, I seek our quilt shops. Best vacation souvenirs ever!

  7. Mollie...so glad you had the opportunity to travel and have family fun time! Wow, what a glorious find for fabric.
    Blessings from Sue McQ

  8. Anonymous4:51 PM


    Just curious how much of each fabric did you buy? It looks like there is more than a fat quarter but not an entire yard.


    1. Most are 1/2 yards, a few are 1/4 yards, I think the Christmas ones are full yards, and the gray floral is 2-1/2 yards (enough to make a dress!)

  9. So I found your blog via an Instagram rabbit hole that lead to #aquiltforhenry. That first picture of the Sewing Studio entry shows TWO of the sample quilts I made for the store this spring. What a pleasant surprise to be cruising through a blog and see photos of my work! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to a little piece of sewing paradise.


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