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8 wild olive posts you shouldn't miss

Snowflake Cushion

As you may know, I have the great honor of creating patterns, projects, and printables for other sites, and sometimes for books and magazines. And while I try to share links to those things on social media, I want to make sure that you don't miss these posts!

The first is probably the most Wild Olive of the bunch. The snowflake cushion I made for Hello Bee is appliqu├ęd, but the snowflake is cut pretty much the same way you cut a paper snowflake. It might sound silly, but I was really excited to find that this process works!

Straw Snowflakes

Keeping with the snow theme, and also for Hello Bee, you can find these printable cards for making snowflakes with straws. They are a matching activity that has a bunch of educational skills worked in there.

Embroidered Heart Garland

To prepare for Valentine's Day, over at Embroidery.About.com you can make this stitched heart banner. It's uses big stitches, so you can still make one in time for February 14. But of course, you could make this in other colors (maybe a rainbow!) and keep it up all year.

Tiny Heart Stitch

I also tend to think that stitching tiny hearts is a year-round good thing for embroidery. I've made some using a different technique, but this new way has won my heart!

Stitch Combinations

Speaking of using stitches in new ways, I recently shared a few ways to combine embroidery stitches to create new looks that make beautiful borders. They are all really easy, but definitely look more complicated, simply by layering a few favorites.

Simple Monogram Patterns

If you like customizing things or are looking for a way to add a touch of handmade to a gift, why not try a monogram? I was inspired by a free font, but designed these simple script patterns for easy stitching. They are just the letters, but you can fancy them up with flowers or other embellishment.

Squid Flingers

Jump over to Handmade Charlotte to make these felt squid flingers. When my brothers and sister started playing Splatoon and I saw how cute it was, I HAD to make a squid project. And I'll tell ya...this is one of my favorite projects I've made lately!

Shrink Plastic Mittens

And finally, I pulled out the Shrinky Dinks and created a hanging garland of mittens for Handmade Charlotte. They are lots of fun to color and watch shrink. But I should also let you know that the free mitten designs you can download there would also be excellent embroidery patterns. Just sayin'...

So there you have it. A quick round-up of posts I've written for sites that aren't Wild Olive. And I've already been working on the next batch for February, so keep your eyes open for more things coming!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these links! Now I will not miss any of your posts! Your hanging mittens are super lovely!


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