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cute tips // becky from the pink samurai

It's time for another installment of Cute Tips! Previously we heard a sweetly stitched tip from Amy who makes all things cute. Now we're changing it up with a simply purrrrrrfect tip!

If you like kawaii, pink, and/or kitties, The Pink Samurai is perfect for you (and me!). Becky draws adorable cat characters, and is in the middle of a year-long project sharing a kitty version of a famous person each day (on their birthday!). It's entirely awesome. She is also the creator of D.I.Kawaii, which you really need to check out. But now, here's Becky!


My cute tip is to make it a cat! Adding ears and a little muzzle pouch makes everything cuter! Plants, food, any inanimate object can be made cuter if it's turned into a cat.


Thanks, Becky! I'm giving your Cute Tip four paws...way up! (But not in an inappropriate kitty sort of way.)

A note to all my bloggy friends: Cute Tips contributors are generously sharing their cutest secrets with us. Be inspired by them, but please, please, please don't try to steal their style! Be your own cute self!


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!