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thread bits // fabric bits

Thread Bits // Fabric Bits

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a frugal sort of gal. I don't like unnecessary spending* and waste. This can make for interesting crafting.

The other day I starting working on some new English paper piecing and as I was trimming my hexagons, diamonds and rhombuses, bits of fabric starting appearing. The little pieces that I was cutting away were sitting there on the table, looking like they were ready to be discarded.

Or were they?

Thread Bits // Fabric Bits

These tiny bits are too tiny to use in anything normal, so throwing them away wouldn't truly be unnecessary waste. But I couldn't help but think that I needed to keep them. Honestly, this can be a problem for me...keeping things that I don't use.

So I want to use them.

Someone recently told me that she often keeps pieces like this and uses them for stuffing. So smart! Some folks collage them to make handmade cards. I love that too! I can even picture saving up more of them to sew into a itty bitty garland.

I do EPP often enough that I could probably try all of these. Oh goodie...more reasons to save up scraps!

How would you put these fabric bits to use?

*Buying new fabric is always necessary spending. It just is.


  1. Gypsy Obermiller10:29 AM

    I use bits like this on greeting cards for clothing and extra texture. I've also begun making paper dolls, and have thought about using bits like this for clothing on the paper dolls (maybe by gluing them to paper first, then cutting out the clothing with tabs?) I have used bits like this in quilting crazy quilts, and for stuffing dolls. I've also made crazy quilt type totebags using small scraps by oversewing the tops to other fabric for stability.

  2. Make a tiny crazy quilt for a doll, I'm sure some little girl would love it

  3. I use them as stuffing! You can also compost 100% cotton. Kids love playing with fabric bits too, if you know anyone with little ones. Adding them to contact paper is fun, I've been meaning to blog about that as an activity :)

    1. Oh yes! I did some contact paper play with fabric before. So much fun (even for this grown-up!).

  4. Give them to your local elementary, middle , high school's art department. You can also take them to a nursing home and give them to the activities director so they can do crafts or give them to your local day care center.

  5. How about laying them all over a piece of fabric that you've fallen out of love with, cover with sheer organza and then free motion sew all over. This way you trap all the little bits between the fabric and organza - hey presto - a new piece of fabric to use!! Jean.x

  6. I do a lot of applique and I use up the small pieces making thing, like and eye or a beak for a bird. I also use them for stuffing for pet beds.

  7. Some artists use them for collage paintings. Not just collaged fabric, but actually using fabric instead of paint to form a picture. Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine had an article on them last year and I know an amazing Chinese artist that does the same thing except she does elaborate you-almost-think-they-are-painted canvases that are gorgeous.

  8. I save all my scraps and we give them to our hamsters to add to their nests. It is fun to watch them grab them from you and go and cover themselves up with them like blankets. It always gives my kids a good giggle.

  9. http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2014/01/quilted-fabric-bead-tutorial-pattern.html

    I've made a few of these and they are the perfect use for little fabric scraps.

  10. Put them in a clear ornament.


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