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lovely triangles to pin

One time I told my mom that I was worried that I had an addictive personality, because when I get excited about something, I devote nearly all my time to that. She told me I was obsessive, which is different and not to worry about it. I obsessed about it for a while, but then the next thing came along and I obsessed about that.

The current obsession is triangles.

I decided that a Pinterest board was in order, so that you can enjoy my obsession too. Find all my triangle pins right over here. I've pinned quilts, bags, Becca's new phone case (above), and more. And of course, the board will only continue to grow!

Are you obsessed with any particular shapes right now? I can almost promise you that next month I'll have a new shape to be excited about!


  1. I haven't been obsessed with a shape lately, but a while back I was obsessed with house shaped quilt blocks. For a while I flooded my pinterest with them, too!
    I'm enjoying your triangle phase, btw. :)

  2. This post may have started a triangle obsession in me. Love the phone case! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I went through a big triangle cross stitch phase for awhile (which I'm not completely out of as evidenced by that case...) and of course hexagons are always a big deal.

    I have a whole slew of obsession boards that are al "I love..." followed by random things. Hexagons, macarons, mermaids, unicorns... So much fun stuff I can't resist pinning!

  4. Stars! Always have been :)

  5. Haha there are definitely worse obsessions to have! Love the phone case!


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