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the failed cat toy


I make a lot of things, and happily, most of them turn out pretty well on the first try. In fact, I usually take step-by-step photos along the way, expecting that first try to be the only try. Some projects require more prototyping, but those are rare.

Honestly, I sometimes get to thinking that I really know what I'm doing. 

And then I make a stuffed animal with crazy wrong proportions (I still have it, but it ended up not having arms), or a cat toy that the cat won't touch. 

When I started making fabric yoyos our family cat wouldn't leave them alone. She also loves attacking the garland I made with them. Someone on Instagram suggested that I make a cat toy with them, so I gave it a go. But the cat really has no interest in it at all. (By no fault of the person who suggested it!)

Maybe it's just a cat thing, or maybe I should have made this differently, but either way, it feels like a flop. And I think that's good. I think it's okay to remember that we don't always get it right and that we don't always know what we're doing. I think it's okay to learn and try again.

My next cat toy attempt will not be made with yoyos and bells, and although I don't know what it will entail, I'm determined to make something that the cat will actually pay attention to!

What's your latest craft failure?


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  1. It's a cat thing. A friend crocheted some mouse butts for my cats. They flipped out over them. I made the same toys and...they hate them. They now hate the original mouse butts. They prefer playing with very thick rubber bands.

    I've given up trying to figure out our appease my furry overlords.

    1. I've given up trying to figure out how to appease my furry overlords*.

  2. It's a cat thing. Mine won't bat an eye at an actual cat toy, though he really loves twistie ties. My boyfriend's cat's favorite toys are an ancient camera wrist strap she has frayed nearly into oblivion, and a hair tie I once lost there and she gleefully claimed for herself. None may know the mysterious (and weird) minds of cats. :)

    1. Hair ties are a big favorite here. I'm glad I don't keep my hair long any more. Honestly, they're cheaper than "real" cat toys, too.

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Your cat flop looks like a bracelet or a hair barrette to me. So I don't think your beautiful creation was a flop.

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I have made several cat toys. My kitties like them. They are scraps of fabric (3 or 4), mostly strip-ish shaped. I put a knot in the middle of them and they get a scrap-ta-pus to goof with. :-)

  5. Hi! my cats love to play with yo-yo's, but I make them out of wool, most cats love wool!!!

  6. Your cat probably isn't interest because you aren't trying to use the yo-yos for anything at the moment. As soon as you are interested in working with the yo-yos on your own project, the cat will want to play with them non-stop.


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