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embroider a mollie makes folklore headband

Embroidered Headband

Sometimes when I make things for books and magazines, I forget to share them here. That's crazy, right? Well, it's true. But not this time!

Mollie Makes magazine asked me to create an embroidered headband that had some folk styling, and this is what I came up with. It was so much fun to make, and I think I may need to make some more designs.


The pattern and tutorial are in issue 46 of Mollie Makes, so if you're in the UK, that's a couple issues back. But if you're in the US, this issue just finally showed up on the shelves at my local JoAnn store, so now's your chance to grab a copy! As always, this magazine is filled with wonderfulness!


  1. Ooooh, gotta get a copy!!!! So cute!

  2. Wonderful job! Great to see this headband made by you. The colorful designs on the navy blue colored fabric is giving an ultimate look to it. After looking at yours, I am going to create one for myself.

  3. That headband is adorable! I love the folsky whimsical style. I think I need to pick up the latest Mollie Makes now...as if I needed another reason!

  4. Molly. I have to ask - sorry, while I actually do love the look of this sort of craft item (to me this is real craft) are people able to sell these and still earn enough of a profit - time wise? It is the sort of thing I teach crafters to either do really fast, or not at all because I just presume that the time VS the selling price makes it a problem to do as a full time business. Am I far off the mark?


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