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calendar // print & post a camel for december

December. This month has only just started, and I already feel like it's gonna be a journey of a month. I'm not even entirely sure why, but I feel it. To be honest, I'm a little unsure of it all, but many journeys start that way. My one goal is to not feel tooooooo rushed as I make my way through the month. Will it happen? Time will tell.

But we'll start December with a calendar. And a camel. A camel that might just be on a journey.

To use the iPhone and iPad versions, click the link for the wallpaper you want. When it opens, touch and hold the image until it pops up with the option to save. After you've saved the image, go to your settings, choose wallpaper, then find the image you've just saved.


  1. Your spelling of December looks a lot like November :)

    1. Ha! Apparently I'm subconsciously wanting to go back and have more time before the end of the year! All fixed now. And thank you for letting me know!

    2. Absolutely, thank you for being willing to share with all of us.

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Thanks so much - this one is extra-cute!!!!

  3. Love the camel! Thank you for these sweet wallpapers. We look forward to them every month! Merry Christmas!


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