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calendar // print & post a sleepy turtle

In May I had a relaxing vacation...in June I will relax with backyard stitching.
In May I started cleaning out the flower bed...in June I will actually plant flowers there.
In May I was chilly to start out the month...in June I will enjoy warm sunshine.
In May I drank hot coffee every day...In June I will drink hot coffee every day.

Some things just don't change from month to month. Coffee is one of those things. But calendars for you do change! This month I've created a little doodle of a very sleepy turtle who is about to enjoy his first sip of coffee in the morning. I totally feel like this most days!

Waaaay back in January, I received an email from Laura, who told me that her daughters get very excited to see what the new calendar will be. They like seeing if their favorite kinds of things will be included, and so this month I added in all of their favorite animals! Look closely and you'll see that Sleepy Turtle has a photo of her dear animal friends behind her: Penguin, Giraffe, and Owl. Poor Giraffe's face was just a little out of frame when Turtle took the picture!

I've got a few sizes of wallpaper for you to download for your computer or other digital devices, plus a printable version which is perfect for little ones to practice tracing their numbers and watching the days pass by.

To use the iPhone and iPad versions, click the link for the wallpaper you want. When it opens, touch and hold the image until it pops up with the option to save. After you've saved the image, go to your settings, choose wallpaper, then find the image you've just saved.

For your home screen on your tablet or phone, I've also made a coffee mug background. I have a feeling I'll be leaving this one on my iPad for a while...I do love my coffee! Grab yours for iPad or for iPhone.

Ready for June, friends? I hope so, because here we go!


  1. Love it! And how silly of me that I never thought to print one for my boys. Of to do it right now...

  2. I love the picture of friends on the wall. Such a cute detail!

  3. Thank you! I love your monthly calender desktops! SOO CUTE!!
    love Annette


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