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book review // fabric blooms


Whoever said "you can't judge a book by its cover", clearly never checked out Fabric Blooms. This new release by Megan Hunt (aka princesslasertron) is fresh, modern, and the perfect way to learn how to make flowers from fabric.


Look at the cover. See all those pretty flowers? You'll learn how to make all these and more in the pages of this book. This alone told me that I needed this title (which, by the way, was sent to me from the Lark Crafts, the publisher). Well, that and the fact that making non-fabric things out of fabric is something I truly enjoy. Seriously though, I considered only showing you the cover and telling you to trust me on this, but I suppose I can show off a few more pages...


Starting with the table of contents. Really now...this should be enough for you to want this book! Fine, fine, I'll let you see more!


With each flower/project, Megan shares fun information about the flowers themselves, the materials chosen, and even some stories about the blooms she's made in the past. I love the personal nature that she brings to each floral piece, and that she presents some great ways to use these flowers for decorating, wearing, and more. Would I wear a whole crown of felt flowers? I'm not sure, but I sort of want to give it a try...at least with a few in my hair!


The blooms range from whimsical to abstract to ultra realistic (at least, I think think those succulents are as close to the real deal as you could get with fabric!). What's more, she has brilliantly shown the step-by-step process for making the flowers all in one photo. See how it comes together in the pieces spread out? Genius!


I think my favorite project in the entire book is this bouquet. It is simply sweet, don't you think?


And since I went on and on about the cover, I thought I may as well show the back cover too. You know, in case you needed to see a few more peeks at all that Megan Hunt has in store for you. Well done, Lark Crafts. You know how to choose awesome authors!

Friends: I can't say enough good things about Fabric Blooms. If you have any interest in crafting your own flowers, check out this title for projects, full-size templates, inspiration, and a springboard for creating your own designs. I promise you'll learn so much!

Find this book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ask for it at your local bookseller!


  1. Going on the list :)

  2. Throughout the summer I keep a row of bottles and jars on my mantle, holding the various fabric, felt, and button flowers I have made. I'm going to have to get more bottles and jars.

  3. This is such a pretty book and I think I now have an idea what to do with my felt and fat quarters lyring around. Thank you for a great review!

  4. the book looks very good! thanks for sharing, I'll try to look for it in Spain :)

  5. Who wouldn't wear a crown of flowers! (hee hee)
    This book looks lovely. I don't think I would be able to pass it up.

  6. I've been seeing several reviews for this book all over blog land! Glad to know you endorse it too.


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