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introducing happy stitching with hazel & hoot


I something very exciting to share with you today! Susi from Lilla Luise and I have been working on a line of patterns. And the first group of them is finally available!

Being primarily a surface embroidery kind of gal, I wasn't sure if I was up for cross stitch. But then Susi showed me how cute it would be to take the Maxton Place characters I've made and adapt them for this. She took great care in designing the charts and I for one am smitten. We're calling the line Happy Stitching with Hazel & Hoot. Like Susi and I, Hazel and Hoot are crafty friends who love spreading the Happy Stitching love!

Take a look at these sweet sets, now in my Etsy shop.


I think the fairy tale sets are my favorite, if only for the frames. Aren't they perfect? Susi has an eye for these things. And speaking of frames, the ribbon and squirrel that is up at the top are a free pattern for you! Like all of the Happy Stitching patterns, the PDF includes basics for cross stitch too, so even if you're new to this, you can do it!


The squirrel was just begging me to be stitched, and even I, a surface embroiderer, couldn't resist. In fact, all of these patterns are right up my ally. They're small and sweet.

Susi and I are already working on more of these, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Find all of the Happy Stitching with Hazel & Hoot patterns here.


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    They're so sweet! I love the little borders around the fairytale characters especially.

  2. Great team work,... they are very cute! Little Red Riding Mouse, super cute!
    I'm too more of a Free-Style embroidery kind of girl but with x-stitch patterns this cute, I see it hard not to want to squeeze in some counted cross stitch here and there ;-). Well done ladies!!! Wishing both success!!!

  3. Adorable. I used to do the counted cross-stitch waaaaaaaay back when you were still in Pampers! I seldom do it any more as I find embroidery more fun. But I think I can be arm twisted into trying these designs! Love 'em!

  4. Great team work! Very cute designs. :) I like the fairy tale characters the best.

  5. Cute! I really need to get some hoop bags made so I can be organized and start some stitching projects. These look great, Mollie!

  6. These are so cute! I'm not much of a cross-stitcher, but I just love these! :)


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