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on choosing needles


Do you have a favorite needle that you use? I try to have only one needle going at a time, because I'm more likely to not lose it that way. But really, there are different kinds of needles for different purposes. Whether you are embroidering, doing hand sewing, cross-stitching, or simply working with different types of materials for any of these, you'll be happier as you work (and have a better finished project) if you choose the right needle.

When I was in the Sewing Tales blog hop, one of the items I received was this pack of needles from Dritz. There are eight different types/sizes in there, which means you have plenty of options to work from and you're fairly likely have what you need with this one pack. Since pulling this out the other day (I needed a cross-stitch needle...more to come on this bit of craftiness!), I've used three different kinds, AND I've put them back when finished. Is it strange that this makes me happy?

If you've been using one kind of needle for everything, go get a pack of these. Then, check out Dritz's guide to choosing the right needle. You'll also find helpful guides from DMC and Craft Stylish.

Okay...I'll stop needling you now. (Sorry...I couldn't help myself!)


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    As a cat owner, I do not think that putting a needle away making you happy is at all strange. My cats little feet LOVE the idea! Pets have also been known to swallow them, (my cousins cat did it) so their innards appreciate the happiness also. I do have a favorite size of needle, because most of what I embroider uses the same number (or fewer) floss strands, quilting betweens oddly enough. However, I do have other options available for other things. I DO NOT however have a favorite brand though, I just buy what is available at the shop I am at and not fuss. I admit that needles are not usually on the "shopping list" because I have a bunch at home and I have only had two break in my entire embroidering life (since 4th grade). Most were given to my by my granma when her arthritis got to bad for her to sew (I embroider) any more. My mother also has a tube full (over 100) of random sized ones that her mom gave her for mending clothes when I was little, so there is no shortage of needles around here. :-) About once every couple of months I do "needle maintenance" (they attack a large emery) but nothing incredibly fancy. Those needle containers (funnily enough) are called "compacts" I believe, which are far more interesting to me than the make up ones. :-) Have a happy day!

  2. I never used to appreciate a needle threader but now it's a necessity.


  3. oh you mean you just dont open up the drawer you keep the sewing supplies and dig and dig until you finally find one and just use that one?...mmm maybe that is why the sewing machine is my nemesis. lol

  4. I feel you. I bought a multipack of needles awhile back and for the first few months I was so happy that all of the needles were being dutifully put back in place, that the whole pack was still completely intact even in it's cheap paper packaging.

    Then my partner got to them and broke about five in succession trying to do whatever it is he does with needles that causes them to immediately break (inappropriate uses given the size of the needles, for sure) and since my little needle collection was no longer complete I got a little bit more relaxed about it. I still put them back when I'm done but they're definitely dwindling more quickly than at the beginning.

  5. Needle away! I have quite an assortment and love (trying) to the correct one for each job.

    Lately I have been on the hunt for big eyed needles in all shapes and sizes. The eyesight ain't what it used to be!!!

  6. I like the long thin needle in that collection for my hand piecing, actually. The only downside is my tend to get slightly bent (because someone forget to put them back in their case...), but it's not enough to stop using them. I prefer... I think they're called darning needles? for embroidery. They're thinner, with a large eye, and sometimes a blunt point, sometimes a sharp. I can't see to find them lately, and of course all mine have walked... (because the same someone really just lost her needle case...)

  7. I've had one of this little needle spinners since I was a kid sewing together my stuffed animals "ouchies". I remember being surprised when I found out needles came any other way :)

  8. I bend my needles! I think it's from really trying to shove them through upolstry weight fabric. I always keep mine in the pincushion, but I have to keep that away from the dog. One time he got it and was batting it around, ready to chomp on it.. scared me half to death!


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