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25 crafts of christmas // washi tape

25 crafts of christmas // washi tape

Ah, washi tape! Has it lost its trend status yet? I'm not sure. But I do know that whether it's the hot thing to do or not, this pretty adhesive is pretty useful. I only have a small collection (from Target), and I rarely get especially creative with it, but I love sticking it on gifts or using it to actually hold things together!

For some very fun and festive uses for washi tapes (with lots of good wrapping ideas...because we don't have all our gifts wrapped yet, do we? I didn't think so), check out these posts I've favorited:

Simple Gift Tags (in Danish, but you'll figure it out)
Not-so-simple Gift Tags (This uses a Silhouette, but you cut by hand)
Washi Tape Chain Garland (see the missing pic here)
Toothpick Stars (in Danish, but again...you'll figure it out!)
Washi Tape Garland Gift Embellishment (The garland is a bonus gift!)
Even More Washi Gift Wrap Inspiration (The bow is my favorite!)


  1. Great list of craft ideas with washi tape.

  2. love washi tape! Ive used it for wrapping my christmas presents this year! and ive got quite a big collection i dont do much with either.
    have a great christmas!

  3. I saw a tutorial a long time ago that used wash tape and ribbon to make cute shoelaces. Wrap the wash tape at both ends of the ribbon or cord to make cute shoelace tips.

  4. Thanks for featuring my washi tape gift tags! I'm honored. A very Merry Christmas to you.

  5. Thanks for linking to my post! Sorry about the missing picture. Good of you to track it down, though! I made that ages ago, but it still hangs in my girls room, even though we live in a whole new country now!


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