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a month of giving // books to buy

If you haven't guessed already, I love books. My whole family does too, and if I even think of thinning my library, my mom tells me I just need another shelf. If you love books as much as I do, or if you know someone who does, here are a few books from my shelf that might make good gifts this year!

Books from my shelf...

Extra Yarn is a children's book about a little girl who knits and knits and knits, bringing color to the world around her. A perfect read for the young (or young at heart) knitter!

Hex-A-Go-Go was one of my birthday gifts (yay for moms who let you open the Amazon package early!), and I'm so inspired by this one. The book is entirely filled with English paper pieced hexagon projects, from big (quilts to cover any size bed!) to small (portable pouch for carrying your hexie work!). Add it to your wishlist, or give someone the joy of hand quilting!

Paper Play reminds me of Wreck This Journal, but for kids. Sent to me by the publisher, this book is filled with activities to do both in the book and by cutting apart the pages. My 8-year-old sister is itching to get her hands on this one, as I'm sure most girls around her age would be!

Stitched for Fun is a book of simple and sweet embroidery projects. This has been on my wishlist for a while, and after finding it at Half Price Books, it came home with me. Your stitching buddy would certainly enjoy this title!

Print Collective showcases the work of standout printmakers, it tells you how to use their techniques...and it comes with a CD of motifs to work with! I'll be exploring this one more (I've always wanted to take a printmaking class...perhaps a goal for 2014?), but for now, trust me. This is a perfect book for artists ready to try out a new medium.

Lighter Than My Shadow is the graphic novel that my friend Katie wrote and illustrated. It's not light reading (this is about Katie's battle with an eating disorder), but it's a beautiful story (with a happy ending!).

And not shown here, but also illustrated by Katie Green, check out The Crystal Mirror, a collection of stories for children (and adults too!). Seeing peeks as Katie was working has had me anticipating this release for a long time, and it's here just in time for Christmas gift-giving.

Do you have any books on your list to give or to get? According to my mom, I always have room for more books, so I welcome your recommendations!

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links, a few books were sent to me by the authors/publishers, but all opinions are my own. I love these books, and I chose them because I think you'll like them too!


  1. British American7:32 AM

    Oh this is perfect - my daughter (8) saw my Wreck Your Journal this week and was interested in it. I have added Paper Play to her wishlist.

  2. I just went and added Hexa-Go-Go to my wish list. I made my first hexies and now I want project ideas! They are so fun to make!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    My sister wrote Wreck This Journal!
    I have the making of the Fantastic Mr. Fox book on my list.
    Jenny Smith


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