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spend some time @ family chic

Two weeks ago I suggested that over the weekend, you spend some time exploring the My Poppet blog, and I thought I might make it into a little bi-weekly series! I know that it's easy for me to continue reading the same blogs or just spotting a single post here and there at unfamiliar sites, but never get to know new blogs and the people behind them. And sometimes it's as simple as spending 20-30 minutes looking through a few pages worth of posts.

This week, I invite you to spend some time @ Family Chic. Camilla Fabbri consistently delivers simple and stylish solutions for bringing creativity into your life. I love that so many of the things she presents are easy transformations of everyday objects. She proves that you don't need to spend a lot (of time or money!!) to make things special.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Stitched coasters. Perfect for a weekend sitting outside...stitch 'em and put 'em to use!

Brocade Bracelets. You know those pretty ribbons you have? Wear them!

Gouged Frame. These would be fun for both kids and adults to make!

Now, go spend some time @ Family Chic!

Note: All photos copyright Camilla Fabbri. Used with permission.


  1. Thanks Mollie!!!! XO, Camilla

  2. Neat series, I look forward to reading more entries ! It's always nice to find new blogs :)

  3. LOVE the coasters! We could make those no matter where we live :-)

  4. Cool - thanks for suggesting it!


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