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spend some time at mel's kitchen cafe

This isn't a food blog, and it never will be. But we all need food, right? And how much better when that food is delicious and enjoyed by everyone around your table?

I'm the oldest of six kids, and I plan and prepare many of the meals we (hopefully!) enjoy as a family. Let me tell you...it's challenging, but Pinterest has helped a great deal (you can find my recipe pins here). It was through Pinterest that I found Mel's Kitchen Cafe. So far, every recipe I've tried has been a success and loved by all.

If you're searching for dinner inspiration, spend some time at Mel's Kitchen Cafe.

Pictured above are the recipes we've decided are new favorites at the Johanson house: Layered Mexican Cornbread Salad (be sure to use her amazing cornbread recipe!), BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (yay for slow cookers!), and Creamy Tuscan Pasta Sauce (so easy...I'll never buy sauce like this again!).

Be prepared to leave Mel's feeling hungry, but ready to start cooking!

All photos copyright Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Used with permission.


  1. I love Mel's! I've only tried a couple of her recipes, but I do have one that I love so much I have made it many, many times - Sweet & Sour Chicken - http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2008/07/sweet-and-sour-chicken-updated.html

  2. I was just browsing Mel's today because I love the Creamy Tuscan Pasta sauce so much :) This week I'll be trying her Baked Pasta with Chicken Sausage.

  3. Hello Molly!
    I am delighted with your work!
    I spent the whole afternoon looking at your blog, and seeing inspiring me with their projects.
    All so beautiful! And that goodness your oferer some links to dowload.
    I'm from Brazil, and a few years working with crafts. That's what really makes me feel good. I'm graduated in fashion, but left my job to work at home with crafts.
    And now your blog will become compulsory reading, rsrsrsrsrs

    God keep this your gift!

    Leticia ^. ^

    (ps sorry if any wrong word, is that I'm still learning english!)

  4. oh my. my mouth is watering.

    xo. m.

  5. Leslie3:44 PM

    Mel's is one of my favorite food blogs! I've made a bunch of recipes from there myself and they've all been delicious! It's my usual go-to whenever I want to make something specific and need a surefire recipe. Glad you discovered her tasty dishes as well :)


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