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what's going on

New socks. Already my favorites.

It's a relaxed week on the blog, with lots going on in the background. Here's a peek at what's been going on.

This is what a family birthday for a very cool 19-year-old looks like.
A birthday for my 19-year-old brother.

Mario week work!
Mario Week Prep.

Probably the biggest decision I will make all day
Choosing "colors".

A new (old) mug for the family to fight over.
Coffee break.

Baking for a Purim Party at church! #ACLZ
Hamentashen baking.

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  1. Where in the world do you find ALF party supplies in 2010? I remember having ALF curtains in my childhood bedroom - I'm 21 now.

  2. Crazy, right? We've had them sitting in wait for ages, and finally found a worthy occasion!

  3. Are those cookie pies or what? They look delicious! Not to mention the hamentashen...lots of yummy stuff on your blog today!

    1. They were Hershey's chocolate pies, and they were sooooo good!

  4. Crystal5:29 AM

    Oh man, Alf?! Now that is a party!

  5. Man, ALF is SOO awesome.


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