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project: leather arrow necklace

Leather Arrow Necklace

Arrow necklaces are not a new thing here (see my previous three ideas), but I still can't get enough. This one is made of leather because, well, I found a scrap of it and wanted to put it to use! It also pairs quite well with the red-orange dress that I just ordered, and that makes it perfect for Valentine's Day! (Not that I have a date or anything...I'm just prepared.)

If you're not up for leather, a synthetic would work for this, as would felt. But I will say, I like how the leather has a sturdiness to it, plus leather and classic archery kinda go together, right?

Leather Arrow Necklace

Here's what you need:

Scrap leather
Necklace chain (I recommend 18")
Jump rings
Clasp (if your chain doesn't already have one)

Jewelry pliers
Push pin
Arrow template PDF

Leather Arrow Necklace

The template for this is pretty small compared to a piece of paper. I recommend opening the PDF on your computer, sizing it how you want on screen (mine is 3 inches wide) and tracing it onto a small piece of paper. Then, cut out the arrow and trace around it on the back of your leather scrap.

Leather Arrow Necklace

Cut out the arrow shape. Regular scissors should do the trick...I just don't recommend using your good scissors for this!

Leather Arrow Necklace

Use the push pin to poke two holes in the arrow: one on the edge of the point, and one on the edge of the fletching. A sharp needle will also work for this, but I find the "handle" of the push pin makes it much easier to get it through and wiggle it around to open the holes.

Leather Arrow Necklace

Carefully open the jump rings and place them through the holes in the arrow.

Leather Arrow Necklace

If your necklace chain is one piece with a clasp already attached, cut the chain half way, and attach each end to the rings. If you have a plain chain like I did, you'll need to cut the chain, attach it to the arrow, then add a clasp.

Leather Arrow Necklace

Whether you've been shot with cupid's arrow or just enjoy this simple shape, you're now ready to sport your new necklace!


  1. Ooooooh can I steal your owl shirt Mollie???!!!!

  2. Oh I love this! HUGE leather fan:) AND OMG I have that owl tank too!! (from target:) Love the way you're wearing it ;)

  3. Sarah H.5:37 PM

    Hey there!!! I just found your lovely blog, and have noticed your love of arrows. :D when I saw this tutorial I immediately thought about a recent post I saw (on another blog I love). You might want to hop over to rufflesandstuff.com and check out her valentines garland.

  4. I have tons of scrap leather. Im totally trying this.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  5. Very cute! Now if i could just find my stash of leather:)

    Xo the rebel


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