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printable: arrow valentines

I love making little printable Valentines, and with all the arrows I've been working on this month, cards were a must. And even better, these Valentines have song lyrics on them! They creep into my embroidery patterns on a regular basis, so this was inevitable. (I can't even tell you what songs all of these are from, although some are more obvious. They are just arrow songs that I searched for!)

Print, trim, sign the back just like you did when you were a kid.

Oh, and watch out for another printable coming soon! I've got more Hipster Honeybees on my mind!


  1. These are so cuuute! I love heart and arrow themed cards, sometimes old school is the best :)


  2. These are adorable!!!!!! :swoons:

  3. love these! they are so adorable!

  4. Anonymous10:31 PM

    These remind me of Valentines day when I was a kid. Children (like me) who made thier own Valentines would be teased and bullied because they were "poor" because they could not (we couldn't) afford the 2.99$ box of tear-apart trendies that everyone else had. Sad really. When I was a kid, I only got one or two from teachers, because I was nerdy and no one gave me any. Now, teachers here require that every student give EVERY classmate a Valentine, or give none out. So now, many of the kids wait until school is out, and then pass out thier Valentines only to the kids they want to. Sigh....

    I still do craft (embroidery, not paper), and when I see the bullies from my childhood now and then, thier attitude hasn't changed at all. It is an "old lady" hobby, and they can "get it at Walmart". Yeeeah.... Okay.... The only reason I appreciate Valentines day now, is because it is a family members birthday. Care should be all year, not just one day, and for me, Valentines day is waaaay too commercial for me to stomach, so I ignore that aspect of February 14th. Nice archery ads by the way. :-)


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