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s is for saying thanks

Saying Thanks

S is for Saying Thanks. It worked out quite well that as I go through the alphabet this month that S should happen to land on this day, because here in the United States, it's Thanksgiving.

I love this day, with pilgrims and turkeys, casseroles and pies, friends and family. I love that there's often some Christmas music playing, but there's still autumn leaves and pumpkins around. But mostly I love that on this day so many of us recognize what we should be remembering every single day.

We have things to be thankful for and we should say thanks.

Above all, I'm thankful to God for my family, my work, my friends, my many blessings, and the gift of salvation through Jesus.

But I also want to say thanks to you, Dear Reader. You are my family, my work, my friends, and you've blessed me in ways you don't even know. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Happy Holidays

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Molly! :)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog via Pinterest and I love it! :) I downloaded the coffee embroidery pattern. I've really been getting into embroidery and using felt lately. So fun! I'm trying to make all my Christmas gifts this year.

    We, too, have so much to be thankful for. The list is too long--God is so good!

  4. Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving! I came to your blog to get your link for your nativity ornament. I wanted to share it with the mom who shared the nativity stable felt board, as both of you are teaching true story of Christmas. Also, I just received my copy of the Sew, Stitch, Create magazine - can't wait to make your Merry, Merry postcard! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.


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