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e is for...


E just happens to be for lots of things today. It was supposed to be for embroidering an idea that I had, but I ran out of time. Fortunately, E is also for experimenting, which is what this embroidery sort of is. If I'm lucky, all will work out as I hope it will, and I'll have this "experimental embroidery" idea finished in time for another letter that works well with it.

Of course, E is for election day, which it is here in the United States. I'm not one for political speeches though.

Finally, E is for enjoying new music! Noel Stephen and the Darlings have a new album out, and it's all about breaking up. The truth is, even when I'm happy and in a wonderful mood, I don't mind some sad songs. Especially when they are as bouncy as these are! Check it out!

What kinds of E things do you have happening today?


  1. eating: lunch is over an hour ago
    English classes: this evening like every Tuesday
    earring: which I lost in my handbag this morning
    enjoying the sun: which is shining through the window whilst I'm writing this...

  2. exhausted, exasperated and enervated...I can't think of anything else, maybe I should go back to bed! LOL

  3. 1. Eternally wiping my toddler's nose.
    2. Ew. (see #1.) :)
    3. Enjoying your wall hanging project in Stitch | Craft | Create - it is the cutest project in the issue, in my opinion. And on the front cover, no less. I thought that postcard's cute embroidered face looked familiar.
    4. Election-themed Embroidery - I finished stitching up your Vote pattern last night. Very cute! (I just updated my Etsy feedback for that transaction with a picture of the completed project. It was very fun!)

  4. Escaping: We are looking after a neighbours poultry while they are on their honeymoon and when I went to feed the chickens this morning the tiny little chick had made it outside the pen. Managed to get it back in and spent part of the afternoon trying to make the pen escape proof. Hope it works as the poor chick wont last long outside.

  5. nice blog realy nice :)


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