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we're praying


Sundays on Wild Olive are a point of prayer. Please pause, leave a prayer request, and pray with us. And thanks to Jenny for sharing her stitched "shhh" image!

This past week, over and over, I was hearing "through it all, God is faithful", but it took several days for it to sink in. It was rough going at times, but now I hold firm to those words, and I pass them on to you.

No matter what is going on in your life, or the lives of those around you. No matter if things are really good, or really, really horrible. Always and forever. Through it all, God is faithful and He's with us.

Hold on to that. And pray.


  1. This is the first time I've checked out your blog, so I'm really taking it as a sign that the first day I come to visit, is a day of prayer. The quote "through it all, God is faithful" is ringing very true and I will try to carry that with me through the coming days.

    We are waiting to hear back from my Mother's doctors as to whether her cancer has returned. It was Stage 3 and she underwent chemo last year, but now some tests have come back that may indicate that it's still spreading. Please say a little prayer for her. Her name is Jan.

  2. Yes, Sarah. A prayer has been sent up....

  3. Praying for Jan!!

    God is faithful and good♥


  4. Praying for Jan and her family. Thank you Mollie for the reminder, I often forget that He is with us. It was just what I needed to hear today.

  5. My husband and I are serving in Hungary at the Word of Life Camp. We brought a missions team over. camp started today with 160 campers. We will coach baseball and teach English. Pray that many of these children will come to know Christ this week. Pray for good health for us. One of our team is ill and we need her to help with English in the morning.

  6. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Thank you for the reminder to pray.

  7. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Praying here in Maryland for the requests.

  8. @SARAH and @GCCMOM sent prayers on yours and your loved ones

    All members of my household are presently ill. My dad, mom, granny and myself are sick with varying ailments. Some very serious with the possible of staph infection, breathing difficulties and as for me I have broncitis and already have anerexia which is making this a very difficult bad for me. Please pray for my family's health. Thanks for Sundays on wild olive.

  9. Love this post!
    best regards.


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