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review: *bespoke* zine

bespoke issue one cover image

Happy Monday, friends!

If you like handmade and pretty things, allow me to tell you about *bespoke*. This delightful little zine is both handmade, and pretty, and it features things both handmade and pretty, which is an amazing combination!

First, it's a real printed zine, not just digital (although, I did view the digital version). You don't see that often enough, and certainly not with something as complete and colorful as this. *bespoke* is meant to be held in your hands and perused as you sip a cup of tea...how wonderful is that?

The zine is also really well designed. Clean and simple, with lots of large and lovely photos. It's plain to see that creators Megan and Jess know what they're doing, and they're doing it well!

bespoke tea

But *bespoke* isn't just all good looks. The content makes for a very enjoyable read, and one that is right in tune with the things I love. Which is, primarily, handmade. There are interviews with makers, reviews of craft books, recipes and some DIY. Umm...yeah, that's just about perfect!

*bespoke* hails from Australia, so it will travel a distance to get to you...Check them out!


And speaking of magazines, Plumetis featured one of my projects, and I'm so glad they did! Not because I'm in the magazine, but because it introduced me to them! It's primarily in French (which I don't speak/read), but still easy to enjoy. Like *bespoke*, it's available in both print or digital editions.

PS: All photos come by way of *bespoke* and are used with their permission!


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