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links for your weekend

I'm so happy to be supported by a lovely little group of sponsors, and thanks to them, I have a collection of links for you to check out this weekend! Because...yay! It's almost the weekend!

If you'd like to sponsor Wild Olive and be included in this link roundup in May, send me an email! molliejohanson at gmail dot com

First up, may I suggest a bit of shopping? Little Sweet Thing sells the most delicious and cute jewelry, like this cupcake ring. (And don't you love the mini cake stands in each listing?)

For your stitching pleasure, Two Little Aussie Birds has some really fun embroidery kits available, like this design from Holly Wolfe.

Did you know that Vics from Bramble Bird is expecting? Check out her plans for a very ambitious, very fantastic quilt for her soon-to-come son!

S├ęcia of Petite Insanities shares a look at a recent weekend...looks like a fun time to me!

Pick up the pattern to make this cross-stitched StitchyPuff from Dragonflylotus designs. She tells me that she has plans to make a quilt out of 'em...now THAT's ambition!

And last but certainly not least, if you're a sewer, you'll want to go join Threadbias. It's a free online sewing community, and there's lots to check out. (I'm registered as wildolive, but haven't gotten anything uploaded yet...)

Thanks to all of my sponsors, and thanks to all of you for visiting them!


  1. Wow! As I was reading I saw the Threadbias picture and HEY! those are my hedgies! So weird (but cool) to see my work in unexpected places :) Are you going to put past projects on Threadbias or just new projects as you get them finished? If you add some previous projects - in the details section you can add a link to your blog page for more info, that way more people can come visit your fun blog!

  2. I just registered at threadbias, it looks like a cool site. And I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog, it meant a lot.


  3. Cool! I love that cupcake!


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