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guest post: doily favor bag


Today's post comes to you from Ricami e Pizzi, an Italian embroidery shop. They have many beautiful linens, and they are sharing a little DIY using embroidered doilies!

How to make a favor bag out of a hand-embroidered doily
A favor bag, something all guests look forward to at the end of any special occasion and whose search is quite demanding on the guests of honor, has always had the twofold meaning of keepsake and thanks for participation. Italian embroidery is famous around the world and has a strog tradition in classic and cutwork embroidery. Here is an idea of how a hand-embroidered doily can become a lovely favor bag:


What is needed:

A.Embroidered (or knitted, crocheted or else) doily
B.Round tulle
C.5 sugared almonds
E.Ribbon, 3 mm h –35 cm length
F.Ribbon, 3 mm h – 40 cm length
G.Bow: white satin ribbon, 15 mm h - 40 cm
H.Bow: white “voile” ribbon, 15 mm h – 40 cm length
I.Special occasion small card
J.1 knitting needle (a large-eyed needle)


First, gather up the sugared almonds and the small card at the center of the tulle; use the satin ribbon to tie everything up together. The picture shows a 3 mm h – 35 cm length white satin ribbon.


Use the needle to thread the ribbon (white satin ribbon, 3 mm h – 40 cm length) into the embroidery of the doily; this will make it easier to pucker up the doily and close it up in a tuft once finished.


Place the batting and the sugared almonds, in said order, on the doily; tie everything up together with a double knot; make sure the ribbon strips are perpendicular to the favor bag; this will offer an easier grip of the bow.


Let’s now turn to the making of the bow. To make the bow, lay one ribbon over the other; hold the ribbons with your fingers and place them on top of the double knot meant to secure everything.


Here’s your favor bag. Any favor bag can be customized by adding charms or colored ribbons, according to any special occasion.


Thanks, Ricami e Pizzi! I made one based on this tutorial with what I had on hand...a yellow doily, some contrasting fabric and grosgrain ribbon. My doily had more of a scalloped edge, so it has more ruffle at the top...it's also a bit less formal, which makes it fun for everyday occasions!

This post is presented by a shop, but in no way was I compensated for this post...I'm sharing it just because I like it!


  1. This is a sweet idea. I just love doilies, but never know what to do with them. My son's first birthday is coming up and in Korean tradition the Dol, is a very important celebration. I am wondering if we'll work something like this into the event! Thanks for the tip and thanks to your guest blogger!

  2. This is an awesome idea, I love how elegant but simple they are.

  3. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! I just love doilies!! Happy Easter Mollie! xo Heather

  4. Mollie, this is so adorable.

    ps: O nominated you for a blog award, http://houseofpinheiro.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/is-still-cool-versatile-and-liebster.html


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