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weekend links

If you haven't had a chance to check out all that my sponsors have to offer, may I suggest a few links for you to check out this weekend? These are some favorites from them that I think you will really enjoy...

Victoria of Bramble Bird is taking an embroidery course, and I'm rather jealous...just look at that crewel work!

I've never had bubble tea, but Lauren of The Perfect Pair makes it sound easy to make...I just need to get over my fear of tapioca!

30 Days of Lists is a really fun journaling project from Kam and Amy...I've done it, and it was easy and creative!

Liesi from Too Crewel won my heart with this Michigan embroidered pillow...I'm an Illinois girl, but I do love state tributes!

Daphne from The Imperfectionary makes lots of fun things, and her teacup pincushion is so sweet...see what else she has in store!

Be prepared to start a new addiction when you see the hand spun threads from Liz at Dragonflylotus Designs...I've begun to hoard it!

Katie from The Life Adventures of Mrs. C has done a lovely job of incorporating embroidery into scrapbooking...be sure to check out the little flags she used too!

There's lots to see and read in Ali's post at Cook, Quilt, Love, but I just had to show off the truffle she's been stitching...so cute!

I also enjoyed Ren's lists, the vintage valentines on Anita's blog, and comic books from Annie's students.


  1. Bubble tea is delicious! At first I thought the tapioca pearls would be weird but they really are yummy. Watermelon is my favourite, but if you ever get the chance to try taro, do it! It tastes like cookies! Lovely links today, I'll be checking them all out with my morning tea today :-)

  2. Oh dear. I believe I might need all of those handspun threads. Adios pay check!

  3. Thank you for the recommendation of 30 Days of Lists! I signed up for March and I'm really looking forward to it!

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM


    I just sent you an e-mail and I hope you get it. It may end up in your spam folder so I'm sending you a note here so you will be on the lookout for my message. It is titled "A surprise from a Reader."


  5. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Being Asian from the bay area, I'm always around Bubble Tea. I usually get mine with jelly (mango jelly stars)! My brother use to spit his tapioca in my hair when we were kids (do you know how awful those are to get out of your hair?!) so I tend to stay away from them lol!


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