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added to the shop in january

Sometime in the first week or two of January, I had an idea for a little goal: Add one new (or refreshed) item to the shop each week for a month. For some shops, this would be a ridiculous goal because they need more new things than that, or perhaps that would be too many items! But for me, it was perfect. You see, each of my items takes a chunk of time as I conceptualize, illustrate, set up files, test things, take photos, etc. Getting one done each week is a good plan.

Each of these items have been released as they were ready, with little fanfare. I think I may try to keep up with this schedule, and hopefully get some older things revised in the process. Next time around, however, I think there will be a group of items coming out all at once. You know...if I'm patient enough to keep new items secret!

For now, here's what I added to the shop in January:

Baked With Love

Now, I'd like to ask your opinion on something. If you go to my shop, you'll see that some of my printables have a main image that is not a photo, but rather a composite image of several pages or cards, while some have regular photos (all have photos when you go into the listing). Which do you think gives you the best first look at those items? Photo or Composite?


  1. Hi Mollie! Your "Not so square meals" composite is actually what made me click on it - so I'd have to go with composite!
    Congrats on getting one item a week listed!

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I really love the yarn!

  3. I like the composite photos in your shop too - it gives you a broad look at the printable and makes you want to click on the photo to see more! :)

  4. So cute - love the skein of yarn!!

  5. I like the composites -- they give a feeling of life to the picture, yes? But I also like it when the composite pictures are close up enough that I can see what the pictures are. :}

  6. If the composites are sufficiently close up, they're good. But I need a clear enough image of what I'll get to make me click on it. If I can't tell what it is, I probably don't want it. But then again I'm nearing 50 and my peepers aren't what they used to be. Adorable items!

  7. The composites are good for the printables, I think, but agree that they should be close-ups. I, too, love the yarn!

  8. I still want that actual heart embroidery you did the other day hanging on my wall!

    ♥ s├ęcia

  9. My favorite way to see the patterns is single pictures and then when it is clicked, it partially shows you what the pattern will look like.


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!