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snapshot saturday

little messes

As I looked on this little mess, I had to take a photo to remember that my family very graciously puts up with my craftiness all over the house...


  1. I love this photo, my bf has also put up with my crafty messes over the 9 years we have lived together. I am very grateful - it must be love!

  2. Oh the things people do for love... very humbling isn't it. :)

    ♥ sécia

  3. oooh...what are you working on? My poor husband deals with my crafty messes all the time...and my messes don't look quite as charming as yours does :)

    1. this is the tidy mess (because there are levels of tidiness within the messes...). I'll be showing off this finished embroidery on monday...it's very valentine-y, as you can guess from the colors...

  4. I know this "mess" too well too. It's always very obvious when I'm in the middle of project because it's usually all over the living room :) I recently bought a big pretty basket to leave next to our couch to keep all my current crafting goodies in :)

  5. looks gorgeous to me :) i love photos like this.

    Barnicles x


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