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craftiness! fabric

Fabric - Floss

After my first samples of Craftiness fabric came, I knew that I needed to make more. So I did! I created more designs, and more colors, and they've come and they look so pretty!

Okay, to be honest, there were a few color glitches. I printed some samples in yellow, but the color is a bit too faint for me. I may play with it later, but I'm not up for it now. (Plus, I feel more special knowing that I'm the only one with the yellow!) Also, the cream colored accents don't look right with the green, so they've been changed to white. (Yes, that's green you seen above...my photo is just a bit overexposed.) Green is the only color that has the white accents, but I'm more comfortable with that than other alternatives.

Above is the floss (with my hand for size reference). Here's a closer look at the other designs:

Fabric - Spools

The spools are one of my two favorites, and I really like the blue.

Fabric - Buttons

After the first printing, I added the buttons design...cute, yes?

Fabric - Yarn

The orange is a dreamsicle sort of orange.

Fabric - Pincushions

Pink remains my favorite of all the colors, and these pincushions have me in love. Seriously in love.

All of these designs are available on Spoonflower now. Next month, I'll have some projects to show you with these. I'm even working with Michael Ann to create a few tutorials. It's going to be so fun and extremely cute!


  1. ooh my Mollie, these are insanely cute!

  2. They're positively adorable! Congratulations on your superbly delightful creativity!

  3. Ohhh I love all the new colors and the variety of designs. Nice work. :)

  4. I love the buttons, very cute Mollie!!

  5. Those tomato pin cushions are so awesome!

  6. yay yay yay! these are so stinkin adorable! i love the spools and pincushions, and the buttons too! i cannot WAIT to get to craft with them ;]

  7. They are just delightful! Love Kelly x

  8. I just love your fabric Mollie!
    You have such a great design sense...not to merkin the cutest illustrations ever!

  9. Fabulous!! I love each and every one! :D
    Great work! Congrats :)

  10. Thank you all so much! These were so fun to design, and they'll be even more fun to make things with...

  11. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Oh my gosh, the spool fabric may be my favourite thing in the world ever!! These are all so completely adorable! I love that you've done these. Might just be treating myself at some point... =) x

  12. So freakin' cute!

    ♥ s├ęcia

  13. I love all the designs!

  14. Eeek!! So cute, Mollie! :) I love em all!

  15. I love them all! My favorites though would have to be the button one and the pincushion one!

  16. Oh my goodness! So so so cute!! I love them.

  17. Anonymous4:59 PM

    The two of you are going to make an awesome team! I looove the button one!!



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