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coffee week: favor bags

If you're having an even (big or small!) any time soon, you're going to love this idea from Kaitlyn of isavirtue. She's an apple cider kind of gal, but this would be perfectly wonderful filled with coffee too!

isavirtue apple cider wedding favors 1

ever since i was little, i have loved autumn. i love the crispness in the air, the ability to wear layers of clothing and the sense of possibility and excitement as a new school year begins and the holidays approach.

when i was younger my parents always used to bring home jugs of apple cider for my brothers and i. so when they started selling cider at tim horton’s in canada, i was beyond delighted! and, as i once did with my family, i now enjoy apple cider with my husband. for us, apple cider is about finding time to spend a moment together. it is about relief at the end of a hard day, or a miniature celebration for a job well done.

we wanted to share this little tradition of ours with our loved ones at our wedding, so last year we decided to make apple cider favors!

isavirtue apple cider wedding favors 2

we sourced little cotton drawstring bags from the kraft outlet online. they had that slightly rough, burlap aesthetic that i was looking for – but i knew cotton would be the easiest to stamp on.

isavirtue apple cider wedding favors 3

we described our idea to a local tim horton’s franchiser, and after all was said and done, they let us purchase four large bags of apple cider powder at wholesale cost, and they gave us six more for free! we could have used mini zip-loc bags for the powder but i wanted something a little bit nicer so we used little cello bags – the same style i use to pack my stationery products! and of course, we had to include a little cinnamon stick with each package!

isavirtue apple cider wedding favors 4

i used a set of acrylic alphabet stamps and an acrylic block to create the black “love is sweet” stamp. it took longer than expected to dry so if you are pressed for time, have little room or are uncomfortable with stamps, i would recommend a print and iron on transfer!

we finished off the favors with a little note from us, and an explanation of the contents inside. the project took a lot of time, but was well received by our guests. and in the end 160 favors only cost us 93 dollars!

Thanks, Kaitlyn, for sharing this fun way to package a favorite beverage!


  1. Awesome -- these are exactly the kinds of bags I need for Beadboy2's birthday party.

  2. Coffee wedding favors are chic and stylish, whether you purchase them pre-made online or decide to DIY by putting coffee in burlap bags or glass jars - everyone loves a good cup of coffee! Pair with cookies, brownies, chocolates, or biscotti for a yummy after wedding treat!


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