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Not too long ago, I finally joined Twitter. (You can find me here!) I'm really liking it and am trying to jump in with both feet, but am feeling so behind. I thought that to help me get more up to speed, I'd dedicate Saturdays to the subject of Twitter. Just for a little while.

Don't worry...if you're not on Twitter, these "twitterday" posts will still be fun for you. I promise!

When I share things on Twitter, I don't want them to just be personal bits of my day. I want to share things that are fun and useful too, so I feel that it's important for me to be intentional about my tweets.
tweet cheat
Yesterday, I realized how many times I think about something to tweet, but at the wrong time. Or I'll think of 6 things at once, but forget them when I go to spread them out. Since I don't have a smartphone, my first step in fixing this was to make a little tweet cheat strip.
tweet cheat
This is a sentence strip, the kind used in schools. You can find it at teachers' stores and even at the dollar store. I folded it up and can keep it with me to write down the important ideas for tweeting.

I've this with my blog when I'm needing to gather ideas, or if I'm not quite in the swing of things. Plus, I still like a bit of analog, and writing things down on real paper is comforting to me.

Do you have any ideas or tips for keeping track of upcoming tweets (or blog posts, etc.)?


  1. This is a brilliant idea!
    I have the same problem.
    A great tweet will come to me when my computer is far far away.
    I'm going to remember this idea and keep a little "tweet" notebook handy!


  2. Mollie, You can take your strip a step further and schedule tweets using Hootsuite (I see that you're using it). I love scheduling tweets--and blog posts!--so I can spend more time on other things :)

  3. I like to go a little 'old school', also! I have a Black Berry Torch, which helps a lot for tweeting on the run (not to mention staying organized and on track in general!), but I also use a Filofax for the lists and notes that I need to keep my household running, and I started using Moleskin notebooks that I embellish with fabric and stitches to write down thoughts and ideas for my blog, shop and artistic endeavors. Whenever I leave the house, all three get tucked into my purse or my camera bag.
    All this said, I still often feel like a bad tweeter. I am interested to see what ideas your readers come up with!

  4. Kam, I tried scheduling a tweet once, and it never showed up! As in, completely disappeared. What did I do wrong?

  5. This ebook helped me out a whole lot when I first started tweeting: http://smartgirlsguidetotwitter.com/.

  6. Oh fabulous post! I only just recently got on twitter also and feel like I have no idea what's going on... I love the idea of having a little place for just tweet/blog post ideas, I try to just remember ideas when I have them and I'm sure you can guess how well that works, Haha!

  7. "a bit of analog" haha love it!

  8. I like your turquoise pen!!!

  9. This is a really cute idea!
    Before I had a smartphone I would have my ideas written EVERYWHERE!
    Whether it was as a text to myself, on a napkin, or one of my school's journal.
    Luckily my boyfriend surprised me with a smartphone, my only problem is that I am super slow at typing now lol!!



  10. I generally tweet from my phone. So the msgs are really moments in time. Living in the South, I often feel constrained. Twitter has really helped me with that since I tweet what I am thinking/feeling with out worrying about consequences. I Facebook to make my friends happy and tweet to make me happy.

  11. I'd recommend Buffer. It lets you schedule tweets at certain times of day and it is really easy to use. http://bufferapp.com/tweets


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