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making whoopie pies

whoopie pies
Today was my dad's birthday, and we pretty much relaxed and enjoyed the day. I got in some stitching, and I made these whoopie pies. This was my first time making something like this, and they were soooo good. Thankfully there are still a few left, which means I'm going to eat one for breakfast in the morning. Seriously.

The cookies were from this recipe, and the filling I just sort of put together. Cream cheese, margarine, powdered sugar, hazelnut flavored cream, and coconut. And rolled in toasted coconut. So yummy!


  1. That's my kind of breakfast! You go girl! YUM YUM!

  2. Nothing better than leftover, homemade dessert for breakfast!! =)

  3. I love whoopie pies, They truly are the best kind of breakfast! :)

  4. yummy!! I wanted to make some peppermint ones last Christmas but burned the cakes :( Maybe I'll try again sometime this year! Lovely blog!


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