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telling a story

Hi there Wild Olive readers!

Janee from Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard here. Mollie has asked us to share something that goes with this month's theme, the story of The Fisherman and His Wife. So today I have another story to “read” to you (I'm going to give you my shortened version). This one is from my childhood and holds a special place in my heart. It's called “The Rainbabies” by Laura Krauss Melmed.

Once there was an old woman who lived in a beautiful green meadow with her husband of many years. The couple loved each other very much and had all of life's necessities. But what the couple wanted most was to have a child of their own.
One spring night the old woman woke to the pitter patter of warm rain falling. She roused her husband saying, “Wake up, old man, I've heard the moonshower brings good fortune to everyone it touches!” The couple dashed outside just as the shower was ending. As they turn to go back inside the old woman sees a glint of light our of the corner of her eye. There in the grass lay 12 tiny babies, each no larger than her big toe.
The old couple are vastly happy. They care for the rainbabies with utmost love and affection. Then terrible disasters begin to occur. The couple must save the rainbabies from many dangers. Through all the trials nothing is able to separate the old couple from their beloved rainbabies.
Some time later there comes a knock on the old couple's door. The old man opens it to reveal a strange traveler. The cloaked figure shows the old man and woman a large jewel saying that it's worth is greater than they could ever imagine. The traveler offers them the jewel in exchange for the rainbabies. When the couple refuse saying they would not trade the babies for all the wealth in the world the traveler transforms.
The cloak falls away revealing a woman of breathtaking beauty. She tells the couple that she is Mother Moonshower and she placed her rainbabies in the old couples care as a test, to see if they were fit to be parents. Mother Moonshower tells the old couple that now she must take the rainbabies away with her. The old woman begs Mother Mooshower not to take the precious babies away from them. But Mother Moonshower says that the rainbabies cannot grow properly without her, but she won't leave the old couple lonely. Mother Moonshower hands the old couple a basket covered in a soft gleaming blanket. As the couple pull back the blanket to reveal a beautiful baby girl Mother Moonshower says that they have proved themselves worthy of a child to care for all their own. The couple name their daughter Rayna and she grows up to be a lovely woman. The old couple felt themselves truly fortunate; their happiness was complete.

Janee shares all kinds of pretty things on her blog, Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard. She is the proud owner of a yellow bird. Her husband is the proud owner of a yellow beard.


  1. Awww...such a sweet story! And the illustrations are beautiful as well!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing!

  3. that was wonderful.

  4. Love that story! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved this story as a girl--I'll have to hunt it up again!


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