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follow the line to school: a review

Some time ago, I blogged about a book called Follow the Line. It's charming, with fantastic illustrations and an interactive quality that I love. A few weeks ago, the author, Laura Ljungkvist, contacted me about a new book she has coming out next week: Follow the Line to School.

She asked if she could send me an electronic version to look over, and write a review. First, can I just say that as a book lover, getting to preview a book before it is officially published is really awesome!?! There was no hesitation. I'd love to preview the book! And I did.
Like Laura's other books, Follow the Line to School has a continuous line running throughout the book. The line forms words and shapes, and generally guides the reader. Each spread of the book is a different part of the school. The classroom, art room, science corner, library, lunch room, etc.

Within each area, there are are lots of things to look at, and questions to help you find or discover new things. These questions are my favorite part, because it get's you thinking about what is on the page. You go looking for things, and in the process, you find more than you ever expected!
As a home schooling family, our school environment is different than what is in the book, and yet, we still have special areas for certain things. My youngest brother and sister (9 and 6) are going to love looking through this book and comparing what they see to things in our home school...certainly children in traditional schools would do the same.

Follow the Line to School comes out on July 7, but is available for pre-order on Amazon. Find more about Laura Ljungkvist on her site Follow the Line.

Thank you so much, Laura, for letting me preview your wonderful new book, and thank you for creating such delight for children (and the grown-ups who love them!)


  1. what a fun gift for someone who will be going to kindergarten in the fall! i am loving the colors & illustrations!

  2. ooooOo how exciting! Do you think it's a prek level??? Eh, regardless I think my students will love following the line on each page!

  3. Annie, your pre-k kids will definitely love this!

  4. Very cool! Thanks for introducing us to her work. :)

  5. Thanks so much! The illustrations are priceless. I may have to donate this to my son's school (it's a bit young for him).


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