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why I blog (and a survey)

There are lots of reasons why people blog, and for me, there are a few. This is a crafty blog, but it's really a personal one. I enjoy using this space to keep a log of what all I'm doing, and as a way to keep me being creative. If barely anyone read this, I would still do it (although, maybe not as regularly).

But then there's you. You, dear reader, are a really wonderful reason for me to blog. I love knowing that there are lovely folks who are trying new things, getting creative and being encouraged.

This reason for this blog is me...and you.

I know all about me, and I know a little about many of you, but I'd like to get a better picture. I've created a little survey (there are only 8 questions) to help me know more about you. If you're a regular reader, would you take a moment to fill this out? I really appreciate the help!

UPDATE: The survey was for up to 100 responses, and is now full. I found out what I needed to know, and something that I already knew: 100% of you are awesome!


  1. That' a nice idea, the survey.

    Suggestion: why don't you include a question of what people like most in your blog?

    I love your embroidery lessons. They are so clear and easy to follow.


  2. Thanks Vanilla! At some point, I'll probably do a slightly more detailed survey about the blog and its content.

  3. Yo te escribo desde España y tu blog me encanta... todo esta genial.


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