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Eleanor's tea party

Hi, I'm Maggie from Making Me Cranky. I'm a portrait photographer in Los Angeles, wife to a bearded tech nerd, and mom to an extremely energetic three-year-old, Eleanor. I'm so excited to join Mollie's tea party!

Growing up I was never much the girly girl. I didn't play with dolls, I didn't have pretend tea parties. When I dressed up, it was as Cindy Lauper or like a business woman, no joke, in high heels and coats that I pretended were suits. I put on plays based on the American Girls series of historical fiction novels. I colored in the pages of my art deco patterns coloring book. And I read. All the time. Basically, I was a nerd or, as I like to think, an artist in training.

Almost four years ago, when I found out I was having a girl I was thrilled and rather curious to see what kind of a girl she would be. Would I read and color with her or play dress-up and have tea parties? Would she be like me or the girly girl I never was?

As it turns out, she's not really either. My Eleanor is a bouncing off the walls, super high energy, rough and tumble, tom boy, with a dash of princess for good measure. She likes dressing up a little and dancing and playing with my jewelry and makeup and is obsessed with wearing skirts and dresses, but only if she gets to run and jump around the house doing it.

So I don't get to do the reading and coloring as much as I would like. And I don't really get to do the dress up tea party either, which I sometimes wish I did.

But for Mollie's tea party, my little girl was cooperative enough to let me indulge my tea party girly girl fantasy that never was (for about 10 minutes before running, tumbling through the grass, and climbing hills).

Hope you enjoy the shoot I styled for you all!

Thanks for having me Mollie! And I hope everyone is enjoying the tea party!

Thank you, Maggie for taking us back to being little girls again (whether we were girly or not!)


  1. Thanks again for having me Mollie! Can't wait to read all the other tea party posts!

  2. Take it from a mother whose baby daughter just married last month, enjoy every tea party you can, my dear.

    Your photos, Maggie, are TEAlightful!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is so PRECIOUS!! I never was a girly girl either, but this makes me wish I'd done something like this. I love the ones of her drinking tea....just too cute. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Haha.. love seeing hedgehog & Pooh so high society. That's adorable.

  5. So cute. Love the porcupine balancing by the nose.

    ♥ sécia

  6. What a lovely tea party! My little one loves to play pretend tea party... honestly one of the 1st toys I got for her, when I was still pregnant with her, was a sturdy mini porcelain tea set... which I gave to her when she became 2y. . The most recent one is not porcelain and a bit larger. She admires my grown up tea seat that I keep in my kitchen curio and often ask
    if she could use it or if I will give it to her when she grows up :-).

  7. Anonymous10:37 AM

    This is too cute! I host a Mother Daughter Tea Party for the area Girl Scout troops. We just had our 3rd one over Mother's Day. The first year we did it, we had a pottery studio come to us to paint our own pots &/or cups. There have been several girls who have returned with their art! Last year and again this year, we held a raffle and found tea sets at rummages and Goodwill. The girls LOVE to have their own set. Thanks for a great blog post and sharing all these great ideas!

  8. Wow!!!! That little bit of cuteness just made my day!!!!!

  9. Hi again!

    I used one of these lovely images in my "inspirational images" post today! Here's the link:


    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks everyone! So glad you liked the post!


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