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this is nacho embroidery

This is nacho embroidery!
There's a good chance that I'm trying to do too many things at the same time, but some just need to be done. Like stitching up some nachos. Life wouldn't go on without them, right?

Well, maybe it would. But I had fun working on this, and that's a good thing when there is a lot to do.

This is a pattern from the Pattern of the Month Club for May, which I haven't talked much about here since it started. Consider this a little peek into what has been lots of fun so far.

And speaking of peeks, you can see a teeny bit of something else that I'm working on in this pic. More bits of this should be showing up here soon. Oh! And if you'd like to read a little feature on me, head over to Julianna's site.

I'll be back later with some winners from Tuesday's giveaways (you can still enter!), and maybe even a new May desktop!

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