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a necklace-making mood

I don't always remember to put on jewelry, but I do like making it. Especially simple jewelry, and this I wear most often. Here are two necklaces that I've recently made:
dino necklace
A dino, based on this tutorial. Instead of an eye hook screw, I just wrapped metallic floss around him.
pennant necklace
Three little pennants. I've seen similar things all over the place, but I didn't use a tutorial for this one.

I feel fancy now!


  1. I love the dino necklace! I bookmarked the gold dinosaur tutorial a while back and you've renewed me interest in it! Now I just need to find some small plastic dinosaurs...

  2. dino necklace is amazing! i used to have a plastic ninja necklace. i wonder where that went.....


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