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your thoughts are appreciated

Over on Facebook, I asked people to share their favorite event(s) from American or World History. Because a) I'm curious, and b) I'm working on some new patterns.

Perhaps you'd like to share your favorites?


  1. the man on the moon :)

  2. American History: the 20's loved the style, women's rights, and Prohibition. It was such an interesting time!!

    World History: I loved learning about other cultures...so I'll have to think about that one :)

    A great book to read is The History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage! A-mazing!!

  3. I just read The Help by Kathryne Stockette. I HIGHLY recommend it. I've been fascinated by the civil rights movement and it was an incredible part of our history.

  4. I'm a mega history geek, so it's hard for me to keep this short but I would LOVE to see some patterns related to Marie Antoinette!

  5. - The discovery of electricity
    - Leonardo da Vinci´s researches and concepts
    - Galileo Galilei and his major discovery, that the earth is not the center of the universe ;o)

  6. I have a masochistic fascination with the '00s.

    So right after we invaded the Middle East, everyone started boycotting French products because France didn't approve of our rash decision. We also bought millions of Chinese produced American flags, even though China didn't support the war either. If I was a historian 50 years from now, I would find this hilarious/depressing.

    Think Freedom Fries, mass-produced underpriced Chinese goods, and rash financial decisions that ultimately ended very badly.

    But on a less misanthropic note, I agree with Anja and vote Leonardo da Vinci.

  7. Hrm, I like the twenties and Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table.

    In World History I can remember liking learning about Charlemagne

    Since you mentioned Facebook and they just added Oregon Trail I remember all the computer classes I spent in middle school playing that game on 8 bit.

    I also think that Peter the Great of and Catherine the Great were very interesting in World History.

  8. I loved reading about women's role in WWII. Rosie The Riveter is my favorite American icon.


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