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welcome to february

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February for me this year means lots of snow. Lots and lots. It's coming down like crazy right now, and although it looks kinda pretty, it will be here for a while! I much prefer the paper snowflakes that cast the shadow in this photo.

But February also brings other good things. Like a new banner for my blog! The plan is to switch it each month to match the desktop calendars and puppets and things, but I like this so so much, it might just stay. We'll see.

And best of all, February welcomes some new sponsors! Be sure to stop by, visit, and say hello to these new friends (and the old ones too!).

I hope that wherever you are, that February keeps you warm and cozy!


  1. I like the new banner! stay warm!!!

  2. I love the banner too! Such a cute little olive guy :)

  3. your blog is SO CUTE! Im so happy that i just found it!!!

  4. This is the best banner so far, you should keep it;)


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