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fresh bread
It has been a day of trying to get some things taken care of, and even though you never really get as much done as you hope, progress has been made. Here's a little rundown:

- I cleared out about 6 percent of my old email. This sounds small, but it it's a very full Gmail account.

- The clothes waiting to be put away, are at last, put away.

- Pintrest has me hooked, and I'm enjoying building boards of inspiration. Find me here.

- A trip to the Post Office reminded me that I do love the patient and kind people that work at the small branch my me.

- My desk went from huge mess to really large mess. (Yes, that's an improvement.)

- We ate some yummy chicken salad sandwiches on hamburger buns, which I made last night. (see photo for proof of this homemade goodness!)

- I realized that February has been flying by and I have some deadlines looming. Yikes.

How has your Saturday been? I hope well. Now, I think I had better continue with this progress that I'm making!


  1. Pinterest is so fun! I'm following you there now :)

  2. I'm glad you had a productive day! I was proud of myself too ^_^ I tackled a laundry basket of odds and ends I was avoiding like the plague since I moved in October, added some vinyl decals to the bedroom wall and spent the rest of the day knitting and listening to 80s music, watching a John Hughes documentary and having Pretty in Pink cupcakes... hurray for Saturday!

  3. A lot of your day sounds like a lot of mine! :D
    Except for those awesome chicken salad sandwiches...those are making me drool!!! Yuuummmmmyyyy!!!
    Now I should go tackle my extra large desk mess! :(
    Thanks for sharing your day! :o)


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