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kirby's epic yarn

Have you played Kirby's Epic Yarn? If you read this blog, you should play this game. I realize that I'm a few months behind, as this game out a few months back, but I had to wait until my brother's birthday. PJ asked for the game, but was a little disappointed. He's been playing it, but felt like it's kinda girly.

So I watched him and today I even played it for a while, and guess what? It's girly! Guess what's even better? It's super crafty! If you can't tell from the video, this is what the graphics look like:
With every level you hear more and more of me saying, "ooooh, it's sooo cuuuuteeee!" There are buttons and yarn and felt and stitches and zippers and I nearly died when I saw the eyelet. I kept thinking that I want to make things that look like that. And when I looked on Flickr, I found that someone had:
Meta Knit vs Kirby Yarn
King DeDeDe Epic Yarn
Flickr user, Malarious!, created a whole photo tutorial for making your own characters from the game, and they match the game! I'm quite impressed.

And then there's this lovely applique/embroidery:
Stitchin' Kirby Style
I love it!

If you like cute, crafty, sweet and girly, I suggest you get this game. Or at least go onto YouTube and watch all the videos of it. I guarantee it will get the creative juices flowing!

PS: All photos are from Flickr. Be sure to click them to find their sources!


  1. Yes!! Kirby's Epic Yarn is incredibly cute. I had so much fun playing it, and thanks for the link to the tutorial. I'm definitely going to try making one of those now. :D

  2. I love Kirby, and yes, the game is lots of fun!


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