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This is an old photo of a cup cozy which reads, "Brrr". I went looking for it because I have mittens on my mind. But today it should say "Grrr" because that's how I'm feeling.

1) I'm frustrated, because I've been to four stores and cannot find mittens for a project I wanted to make. Gloves have taken over. Grrr.

2) My patience with certain people has been wearing thin. I've hung on, but it gets draining, and then I feel bad about it. Grrr.

3) Like Kara, I've been feeling like I just don't know. Grrr.

The good news is that I can fall into the arms of the Father, and know that He knows. He's good at making the grrr go away.


  1. your cup cozy is Grrr-eat!!

  2. Amen! Will you be selling cup cozies in the near future? I hope so, because I totally would buy one! Blessings Mollie!

  3. I often feel grr-ish myself. usually I just need a nap lol

    I hope your grr goes away!

  4. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Hi Mollie! I've been following your blog for some time now, but I have never left you a comment. Today I decided that it was time to remedy this, and so here we are!

    Like you, I have also been feeling like I just don't know. It is an aggravating feeling that I wish I could make go away, but I know that I have to give it to God. For both of our sakes, I hope we get over the feeling and allow God to work and make things right again. : )

    Thank you for blogging!


  5. Hang in there! cup cozy is cute!

  6. Have you looked at the dollar store for mittens? Ours had a lot of kids mittens last time I was there.

  7. Thanks you guys! Prayer, sleep and even a small amount of time has removed some of the tension.

    Lauren: No plans to make and sell cup cozies, but you should make one for yourself! They aren't difficult at all.

    And Lee: I did check the dollar store. No luck by me!

  8. Are you looking for knit gloves, or fleecy type ones? Fleecy ones are ridiculously easy to make, in the winter I like to buy all the fleece remnants from the fabric store and make scarves and hats and mittens for the local shelters.


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