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goal: stitch for art and fun

YIP2010 - 326
This is some embroidery that I started in November. It's not following a pattern, and I don't have anything in mind for it other than that it is for me.

So often, I get caught up in the patterns that I'm stitching for my shop and projects specifically for the blog, and even for gifts. I forget to embroider for the sake of the art.
little me...
Last year, I was invited to create a self-portrait for a show, and I loved stitching it. It was purely for personal expression. (The piece was for sale, but I was so relieved that it got to come home to me!)

I don't want to stitch less for practical things, but I want to stitch more for art and just for fun. The "for fun" part means playing with embroidery more, even if I end up with a lot of scraps of nothing. Who knows? Maybe all of that nothing could work together to become a piece of art?

How about you? Is most of your creating (embroidery or otherwise) for yourself or for others?


  1. I just started a blog specifically because I wasn't creating things for myself. I would make presents for other people then get stressed and burnt out and stop making things for weeks and weeks.

    I cross-stitched a little red and gold dragon yesterday just because I felt like making a dragon.

  2. I think most of my crafting is for myself and if it comes out well, I consider gifting it or making it again for others. I do enjoy creating just for the sake of creating and no other reason.

    I really like the pattern & colors in the first picture! So interesting :D

  3. What an adorable self-stitchery!

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    All the nothing could be a pretty cool quilt. Just a bunch of random patterns and colors and fabric scraps.


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