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goal: learn a musical instrument

Some years back, I took piano lessons, and I still know enough to peck out a tune. I've also learned some guitar, but playing in front of others makes me very nervous. I try not to let these get too far out of my reach, but there's something else tempting me.

It's small, red and cute. That's right, an ukulele is my first choice for an instrument that I would like to learn. And from what I've been told by several folks, it should be simple enough for me to pick it up in a year or less.
I love the sweet sound of it, and fact that it is nice and portable. Even more than a guitar, and that's easy to carry around. The ultimate goal with this is for me to be able to bring it in and play songs for the preschool kids that I do music with on Sundays at church. They would love it!

And if the ukulele doesn't work out, other top instrument contenders are the autoharp (we have one, and talk about simple!), dulcimer (I have no idea of the skill level, but again, we have one already), or the harmonica. Yes, the harmonica. It may sound silly, but I've heard some amazing tunes played on that little instrument, and I rather like the idea of surprising people by pulling it out of my bag and creating a moving tune!


  1. I played the ukulele in school for a year! I remember being so upset about it at the time but I would love to have one around to play, it was actually quite fun!

  2. I took guitar lessons years ago and loved it! My brothers both play and I always wanted to join in. Turns out I have to stick with the singing part. :o) Good luck with your music lessons - I'm sure you will love it!

  3. I had the pleasure of singing along w/ a uke at a Boy Scout camping event in Spring 2010. I was part of a Cub Scout 'showman' area, and we had to tell stories and sing songs, etc. One of the Boy Scout leaders had brought his ukelele camping w/ him. When he finished teaching rollerblading merit badge for the Boy Scouts, he came over, and we sang some fun scouting songs with his accompaniment. :)

  4. Ooo, my best friend plays the ukulele and she loves it! I think she learned quickly enough, so you should have no troubles. :)

  5. lovely goal...I think it helps with so many things in life when you can just play out a song and sing... I played instruments back in school, but it's been so long and I don't even have them with me anymore! I think the uke is a cool idea...portable!

  6. oh.my.gosh. i love ukeleles. and a red one??? forget about it. i'm in love. i hope you'll post a video this year!

  7. I can say, from personal experience, that the auto harp is SUPER simple to learn/play. I'm in a rather eclectic band with my husband and good friend and I played it for a song in our last show—it literally took 20 minutes to figure out the chords/pattern play for the entire song. It also, unexpectedly, was very impressive to those watching. Playing an autoharp makes you look like a pro without much work at all. haha. Good luck in your musical adventures!


  8. I have been begging my husband to teach me to play guitar (playing since he was 7). I even said I would put it on my goals list so if he didn't help he would feel bad. He he ke

  9. Yay! I taught myself how to play the ukulele a few years ago, and it is so much fun! I had tried and tried to learn guitar, without success, but uke is way easier!

    They also offer ukulele ensemble classes at Old Town School of Folk, if you're looking for a class to take. I haven't actually taken that class, but I've taken other classes there and they are definitely worth wile!

  10. I've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Good luck! My flickr friend makes the cutest bags for them:


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