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goal: get my passport and use it

World Traveled Trunk
Would you believe that I've never left the country? Most of the time I'm happy to not even leave the county...but this year, I think it will be different.

There are two locations that I really, really want to visit. I'm not so sure that both will happen, but we'll see.

England: I've been invited to go see Katie. London and surrounding areas have been somewhere that I've always wanted to go. Not only would this be a lovely sightseeing trip, but it would also be illustrative and crafty!

Czech Republic: My friend Autumn is a missionary. This is not one of those locations that springs to mind when I think of a good place to just visit, but a trip here would have many components. See a friend, visit a beautiful country, and most importantly, serve God.

I am determined that this is the year for the passport and a bit of travel. Whoa. This feels big...


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I just got a new one in 12 days, so they are pumping them out really quick.

    I vote going to visit Autumn

    Tell her Mathias said hello

  2. If you come to london I would *love* to show you around!

  3. Traveling is soooo much fun!! I love to see the little things that are different, like mailboxes and phone booths, yeah I'm a weenie.
    It's also addictive so beware ;)
    My son has been to 5 countries, all before he turned 4!

  4. Ooo...fabulous! Happy travels to you...I'm sure traveling will provide lots of new inspiration, not only entertainment...haha...

  5. this is a great goal!!


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