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making a list, checking it twice

YIP2010 - 290
Do you have goals for the coming-way-too-fast new year? I started my list in October, and I'm really very excited about them. I've been trying not to jump on them too soon, but save them for when the calendar turns. The list needs to be refined a bit before I share it, but I will share it. Along with how I have done on 2010's goals.

My to-do list for this next week is a little stressful, but what comes next is getting me all giddy! I know you can't tell by looking at this blog and these words, but I'm giddy! Really! How about some extra exclamation points?!?!?!! Believe me now?!?! Giddy, I tell you!!!


  1. I have been making my list since october too!
    I am a sucker for lists and goals!!

  2. I haven't even thought about a list yet!! I do have my 24 by 24 list, so I'm thinking I might just stick to that this year... :-/


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