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So...how was your day? I suppose it's not quite over yet, but the grayness and the early sunset make it feel like it's practically nighttime. At 4:30. I can't say I like it, but then, this is what happens in December. And I'm at last ready for December.

Yesterday I finally got the bug to start making things for Christmas. As in, I got excited that Christmas is coming. There have been many years that December was a time to feel melancholy. For no other reason than that I have felt that way. Now, between the joy of making things for those I love and the anticipation of celebrating Christ's birth, I love December.

Last night I started getting things ready for tree decorations. Above is a glimpse, including a bit of stamping with Katie's lovely stamps. She sent me a whole set for my birthday! Thank you again, Katie! I'm so happy that they get to be a part of the Christmas tree this year...

YIP2010 - 328

I've been steadily adding to my jumbo granny blanket, and although it feels a little self-indulgent when I have many other things to make and do, it's sort of like keeping a promise to myself to finish this by the end of the year. Plus, I am certain that I'll be happy to have an extra blanket as it gets colder and colder.

Caregiver Kits

Oh, and you know how you need to just let some things go? A big splash for the end of the Caregiver Kits project was one of those things. The kits, all 30 of them have been packed and shipped. And there is no more of the soft kit idea...at least this time around. Oh well. The most important thing was that we did this, and they will go out and help people. Lots of them!

manger tags front

Last thing...I made some manger gift tags today. They are for over on our family Christmas blog, so do stop by. And I promise that I won't be talking about the "other blog" all this month. Really.

Thank you for letting me share some of the little things that have made up the last day or so. This blog isn't really meant to be a list of every thing I do...but sometimes it's nice to share those kinds of things with friends.

Have a lovely rest of your Thursday! (Oh, and I've decided to end Stripe Thursdays on the blog for now...just so that I can fit things in a bit easier for December.) Hugs to you!


  1. What a fun and active post. Loving the ideas on the family Christmas blog! Good stuff.

  2. You should apologize! Now I have another place to stalk you and steal your great ideas from. Oh, wait, that makes it sound like I should apologize.
    I'm loving December this year as well! I think it helps that it's actually cold outside this year.

  3. Awesome! Those tags are really cute :) Sometimes 'everyday' kind of posts are just what is in order.

  4. Anonymous5:54 AM

    wow so fun thank u
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  5. Great blog!! Love those tags and the yarn color...beautiful :)


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